Buddhika Madurapperuma

Research Associate

Dr. Buddhika Madurapperuma
(707) 826-3620
202A Forestry Building

I am enthusiastic and passionate about learning new techniques and research methodologies, which I can integrate to my research and teaching endeavors. After getting my Bachelor degree, I worked for several universities and leading research institutions in Sri Lanka and the Unites States to gain sound knowledge to build my career in academia. I like attending scientific conferences, networking with scientific community and partnership with local communities to address the environmental issues. I conduct multidisciplinary research in two broad topics: (i) understanding multi-scaled land-use/cover dynamics and urbanization trends on regional and national scale, (ii) Mapping distribution patterns of invasive species in arboreal ecosystems using hyperspectral data and LiDAR derives vegetation matrices. In addition, I conduct research on forest silviculture, carbon sequestration, and ethnobotany. My teaching philosophy is ‘active hybrid’ approach with rudiments with active content learning and service learning. I believe learning concepts through real life situations are useful to enhance learner’s interest on the subjects that I teach. I like Humboldt since it has friendly teaching environment, and is also located in a beautiful environment with fabulous beaches and redwood forests.


Ph.D. North Dakota State University, Environmental and Conservation Science
M.Phil. University of Peradeniya, Plant Sciences
B.S. University of Kelaniya, Botany

Courses Taught

FOR 131 - Forest Ecology
GSP 270 - Introduction to GIS
GSP 236 - Intermediate Remote Sensing


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