Forestry Careers

With a strong foundation in the complexities of forests and related social and economic forces, you’ll be highly prepared for your future.

Employment opportunities for Forestry students are excellent. Our programs rank near the top of all programs at Cal Poly Humboldt with over 90% of graduates getting jobs related to their major.

Related Job Titles

The following list is not meant to be all inclusive; many other job alternatives and titles may exist. Some require further education. As Forestry major, careers could reach across other concentration areas; refer to those career guides.

Assistant crew leader
Biological science technician (Fire)
Burn boss
Burn crew member
Carbon auditor
Community forester
Conservation corps director
Consulting forester
Environmental analyst
Environmental scientist
Field director
Engine boss
Engine crew member
Extension agent
Fire dispatcher
Fire ecologist
Fire effects monitor
Fire management officer
Fire management specialist
Fire manager
Fire suppression specialist
Forest consultant
Forest ranger
Forest technician
Forester for National or State Park
Forestry aid (Fire)
Forestry technician (Fire)
Fuels forester
Fuels module crew member
Fuels module leader
Fuels technician

Geospatial technician
Habitat restoration specialist
GIS specialist (fire)
Hotshot crew member
Industrial forester
Land management supervisor
Natural resource specialist
Nature writer
Land management specialist
Land trust employee
Non-profit organization forester/project manager
Park ranger
Prescribed fire technician
Public lands forester
Recreation specialist
Soil conservationist
Soil scientist
Water resource analyst
Watershed technician
Registered Professional Forester
Research assistant
Single resource boss
Timber company employee
Timberland appraiser
US Forest Service employee
Wildland fire specialist
Wildland firefighter- helitack
Wildland firefighter I/II


Marketable Skills


  • Written and oral presentation skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Communicating scientific concepts

Lab-based and Field-based Forestry Skills

  • Laboratory analysis
  • Field-based measurement
  • Research

Analytical and Investigative Skills

  • Knowledge of California forestry practice rules
  • Sampling and surveying
  • Statistical reasoning

GIS/Remote Sensing Skills

  • Mapping and Geographic Information Systems
  • Geospatial analysis



Forestry Employment Resources

Job announcements for forestry are posted in the main Department office and outside most faculty offices.

Job Opportunities page

Humboldt Career Center


Forestry positions: Society of American Foresters and ForestryUSA.