Rangeland Resource Science Careers

With a strong foundation in the science of rangelands and the resources they produce, you’ll be highly prepared for your future.

Some Rangeland Resources alumni have gone on to graduate school. Others are making a difference across a wide range of careers. No matter your path, you’ll leave the program ready to succeed.


Related Job Titles

The following list is not meant to be all inclusive; many other job alternatives and titles exist and some require further education. As a Rangeland Resource Science major, careers could reach across other concentration areas; refer to those career guides. Numbers in parentheses refer to Office of Personnel Management Job Series numbers.

Biological Science Technician (0404)
GIS Application Specialist
Habitat Restoration Specialist
Hunting/Fishing Guide
Land Management Supervisor
Natural Resource Specialist
Resource Management Specialist 

Ranch and Rangeland Manager
Rangeland Mgmt Specialist (0454)
Range Technician (0455)
Soil Conservationist (0457)
Soil Scientist (0470)
Watershed Technician



Marketable Skills

Communication, and Technology

  • Written and oral presentation skills
  • Collaboration skills: leadership and group participation
  • Program management and implementation
  • Communicating scientific concepts
  • Conflict management skills
  • Mapping and GIS skills
  • Geospatial Analysis

Plant Identification and Physiology

  • Using dichotomous keys, sight identification
  • Taxonomy, systematics, agrostology
  • Plant phenology and life cycles

Rangeland Ecology and Management

  • Plant ecology: vegetation dynamics
  • Ecosystem structure and function
  • Role of disturbance; grazing, fire, drought, etc.
  • Vegetation management and restoration practices
  • Grazing management and behavior, livestock production
  • Multiple-use planning: watershed/riparian, wildlife, recreation, ecosystem services

Soil Ecology and Classification

  • Fundamentals of soil science
  • Soil morphology, genesis and classification
  • Soil management and erosion control

Inventory, Monitoring, and Assessment

  • Vegetation measurement methods and sampling design
  • Data analysis/statistics
  • Land classification systems
  • Rangeland, Riparian, and road assessments

Natural Resource Policy and Economics

  • Public land policy and management
  • Understand environmental assessments and impact documents
  • Economic impact understanding



Range & Soils Employment Resources

Job announcements for rangeland resources and wildland soils are posted in the main Department office and outside most faculty offices.

Job Opportunities page

Humboldt Career Center


Rangeland positions: The Society for Range Management