Meet our Alumni

Forestry & Wildland Resources degrees have given alumni opportunities to work in their field around the world.

Some Forestry & Wildland Resources alumni have gone on to graduate schools. Others are making a difference as a forester in Oregon, a CalFire captain in California, and a Rangeland Management Specialist in Nevada.


Featured Alumni Profiles

Class of 2014

Connor Goldstein

Contract Logging and Roads Administrator,
Green Diamond Resource Company

Class of 2018

Kristy DeYoung

USDA Forest Service

Range & Soils

Featured Alumni Profiles

Class of 2014

Crystal Welch

Bureau of Land Management

Class of 2017

Amanda Albright

Soil Conservationist,
Natural Resources Conservation Service




  Alumni Updates

Our grads are doing great things.

Diane Haase, 1989
Submitted: April 10, 2022 Haase ('89, Forestry) earned her M.S. in tree physiology at OSU in 1991. She then worked as the Associate Director of OSU's Nursery Technology Cooperative, researching seedling production, quality and outplanting. She now works for the USDA Forest Service as the Western Nursery Specialist on the...

Barbara Scaroni, 1978
Submitted: March 5, 2022

Barbara Scaroni has managed to stay a dirt forester over the many years. Scaroni is still out marking and cruising timber, administering timber sales, running property lines, and writing environmental assessments, timber sale contracts, and researching the land use history of my timber sale...

Bill Ramos, 1980
Submitted: January 9, 2021

Bill Ramos has been re-elected to his second term as Representative in the Washington State House.



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