Trever Parker

Graduation Year: 

Trever received her B.S. in Natural Resources Planning with minors in Zoology and Applied Mathematics from Humboldt. She has worked for Streamline Planning Consultants in Arcata since 2001. Through this firm, Trever serves as the City Planner for the City of Trinidad, and is currently working on their general plan and local coastal plan update. She assists in stream assessments/monitoring, water quality sampling and wetland delineations. She has completed permitting and environmental assessments for a full range of development projects including habitat restoration projects, in-stream gravel mining, mixed use developments and more. She has also been successful with grant writing and administration. Trever is very familiar with coastal regulations and processing coastal development permits as well as environmental analysis under NEPA and CEQA. She also teaches EMP 425 (Environmental Impact Assessment) at Humboldt.

Trever's thesis is entitled "Fluorometry as a bacterial source tracking tool in coastal watersheds, Trinidad, CA". In this study, a fluorometer was used to measure fluorescence in natural creeks as an indicator of concentrations of optical brighteners found in laundry detergent. Fluorometry was used in Trinidad area watersheds in conjunction with bacterial sampling and measurement of other water quality data for correlation and comparison in order to identify bacterial pollution from failing septic systems. Results showed that optical brighteners, when coupled with other information such as rainfall and turbidity, may be able to accurately predict whether bacterial standards will be exceeded within individual watersheds. Fluorescence of optical brighteners was also shown to be a useful tool for prioritizing watersheds and tributaries for more detailed investigation of bacterial pollution sources. This study was funded by the State Water Resources Control Board through the Clean Beaches Initiative with Proposition 50 (Water Security, Clean Drinking Water, Coastal and Beach Protection Act of 2002) funding.