Sungnome Madrone

Graduation Year: 

Trinidad is my Hometown and I received my BS in Natural Resources from Humboldt in 1975. My Master's Thesis was on ?Fine Sediment Sources of Uplifted Marine Terraces in Northwest Humboldt County, California. Data was collected to determine the source and significance of erosion sources and to recommend treatments. Local watershed efforts are currently underway to treat the highest priority sites in cooperation with the local watershed council, local and state government agencies, and local landowners. This project is indicative of a long series of projects that I have been involved with over the past 38 years here in Humboldt County. As a design/builder watershed restorationist my goal has always been to gather the necessary information to plan effective restoration, and then actually implement that work, monitor the work and results, and adapt the treatments based on that information. I am the principal of a restoration firm, Madrone Enterprise (ME). I am currently working to secure funding for implementation of the restoration needs identified as part of my thesis in Luffenholtz Creek. This work is a collaborative effort of ME, Redwood Community Action Agency (RCAA), Green Diamond Resource Company (GD), the City of Trinidad, and the Trinidad Bay Watershed Council.

Sungnome Madrone graduated in 2011 and is currently the director of the Mattole Salmon Group.