Jill Beckmann

Jill  Beckmann
Rosemary Sherriff

In addition to being a graduate student at Cal Poly Humboldt, Jill Beckmann is the GIS Specialist and Data Steward for the Karuk Tribe Department of Natural Resources. She has a BA in Geography with minors in both Biology and Natural Resources Planning from Cal Poly Humboldt (2006). Jill has worked for several different agencies and governments ranging from the North Cascades to the Coachella Valley, leading and cooperatively participating in several large-scale restoration projects. She has designed vegetation monitoring programs in Northern and Southern California and has extensive experience and knowledge of geographic information science and ecology. Jill currently serves as a core team member of the Western Klamath Restoration Partnership and is especially inspired by the Karuk Tribe?s place-based culture and commitment to revitalizing the relationship between human communities and the natural landscape through fire. She is also apart of the Fire Learning Network's Prescribed Fire Training Exchange Coaches Network and works as a Situation Unit Leader an inter-agency incident management team. My thesis project looks at the effects of severe drought on radial stem growth of Oregon white oak under varying levels of competition from Douglas-fir and other oaks within a mixed oak woodland near Kneeland, CA. Reviewing growth trends that have occurred in encroached and un-encroached Oregon white oak and Douglas-fir may provide insight into how changing climatic conditions may or may not affect the competitive dynamics between these two species. This research is also expected to provide increased information to managers on how to effectively restore Oregon white oak populations by describing distance- and height-dependent competitive impacts from Douglas-fir.