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Erin Kelly
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I grew up in rural Sonoma County, California and I graduated with a BA in Environmental Studies from University of California at Santa Cruz, 2008 where I also spent time managing the Social Studies Geographical Information Systems lab. I worked from 2008-2014 with Prunuske Chatham, Inc., an ecosystem services company based out of Sebastopol, California. I worked in project planning, GIS analysis, heavy equipment operation and crew leadership. My interests are improving restoration project success and efficiency, specifically stream and wetland restoration. I am researching wetland restoration and mitigation policy around Humboldt Bay. This has included conducting interviews with regulators, planners and developers and collecting their perspectives on the difficulties in performing wetland work and the successful aspects of current regulatory policies. I am currently processing and analyzing interview data, and preparing to conduct a geospatial analysis of wetland distributions around Humboldt Bay and model their potential migrations under multiple sea level rise scenarios.