Celeste Melosh

Celeste Melosh
Andrew Stubblefield
Graduation Year: 

Celeste grew up both in Santa Rosa, CA and moved overseas to Jakarta, Indonesia when she was 11. She got her bachelor?s degree at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts in environmental science with a focus on sustainable agriculture. After moving back to Santa Rosa, she spent 2 years exploring the art of film while working for KRCB public television. She inevitably went back to learning about the environment for a master?s in Watershed Management here at Humboldt. Celeste?s thesis investigated the function of LiDAR data in the modeling of water flow over impervious surfaces in the Lake Tahoe Basin. She looked at how improvements to the estimates of directly connected impervious area through the use of LiDAR data could affect the predicted levels of pollutants and runoff into the lake.