2019 Spring Awards Banquet and Logger Ball

The combined Spring Awards Banquet and Logger Ball was held Saturday night, April 13th, at Veteran Hall in Arcata. The Forestry Club ran both events and did a marvelous job.

At the Banquet, the Department awarded $78,000 in scholarships to over 50 of our students. All of this money comes from the generosity of our alumni. Award winners included Imri Vasale (Academic Excellence), James Lamping (Professional Promise), Sierra Berry and Tiffany Perez (Rangeland Resource Science

Outstanding Student Award). Dr. Kevin Boston was voted Teacher of the Year by the students.

The Logger Ball featured two live bands: A forestry student band, Scribner & the Long Logs, and the ever-rocking Barn Fire, out of Blue Lake. Everyone had a great time. And thanks to the raffle, apparel sales, and fundraising, the Forestry Club netted what their President, Conrad Stielau, estimated as a profit equivalent to about one and half logging truck loads of redwood.